Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Boxxyy?

Boxxyy is the pet subscription box that gives back. We aim to support different animal shelters in our customers area. Also, why the two X's and two Y's? For every dog there is a cat, for every boy there is a girl, for every customer we have there is a shelter that they are supporting. 

What comes in my Boxxyy?

You can expect toys and treats tailored for your pet's breed and any specific health concerns you have for your pet. Boxxyy Lite comes with 2 treats and 1 toy, while the original Boxxyy comes with 3 treats and 2 toys. 

Can I choose which shelter recieves my donation?

When your order your box, you are given the option to specify a shelter or rescue group that you would like to donate to. If you are indifferent, we take the postal code that you provide us with and we reference that with the shelter closest to you. We start off as a box for a box, when multiple boxes are ordered in the area we take the time to call them and personally ask what supplies they need that we could donate back to them. 

Want to donate to Boxxyy? 

Don't want to buy a boxxyy? Would love to donate back to animal shelters around the nation? The Boxxyy team can help! Send us an email at Let us know what you'd like to donate, and boxxyy will take care of the rest! Boxxxyy will help send your supplies around the nation to different local animal shelters in need of your help.