About Us

What started as a class project at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville turned into something we didn't expect. Our simple idea turned from something our class liked and adored, to something that helped and benefited others. Boxxyy is the pet box that gives back, created by five college students who were united by their love of pets. Giving back is a part of our founding vision; for every box we send to a customer, we send a box to an animal shelter. 

As a group of students we enjoy the time we have with each other working on Boxxyy. Volunteering is when we see the benefits of Boxxyy, the time we spend at the local animal shelters in our area is something that is special to us and them. We saw what a small impact had with the people at the shelter, as well as the dogs and cats themselves that they cared for. That is why we truly believe in Boxxyy and the joy it brings to animals everywhere. Shelter or at home, we want to spread love and joy for pets everywhere.